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Do you know the Africa Fashion Week Barcelona 2015?

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Bandera Inglesa The third African Fashion Week Barcelona 2015 was held in a beautiful weekend of this last September. This is one of the many that are taking place all over the world: Africa Fashion Week New YorkAfrica Fashion Week London, Africa Fashion Day Berlin, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, among others.

Model Twiggy.
Model Twiggy. Dress from the African Collection 1967 by designer Yves Saint Laurent.

African fashion is not new. Let’s remember that the colors and shapes of Africa inspired some of the greatest designers in the world once: Yves Saint Laurent for example. His 1967 African Collection caused a revolution in the fashion world at the time.

In the Africa Fashion Week Barcelona 2015 I had the opportunity of watching the works of designers from Africa or inspired in Africa. I also took pictures that I proudly share with you.

Next, I will show you the work of five designers: Joyas Sempere, House of Mucha, Arriz GoldenAthaena Bride Lagos and Kwame Koranteng.



Bandera Inglesa Was founded by Rosa Sempere a Spanish jewelry designer. She transforms vintage pieces into contemporary objects, for example: la peineta, a very typical Spanish object for women’s hair. Recently her work was part of a famous television series in Spain: Isabel.

The collection she presented in this Africa Fashion Week was inspired in African decorative objects that she had re-interpreted to create these incredible fantasy jewels.



Bandera Inglesa Pronounced (Muw-chah) was founded by Zimbabwean designer Lindi Mucha. Her designs are based in historically accurate garments made from timeless vintage sewing patterns form 70’s decade. Later, she combines this afro-vintage style with a Western contemporary style. Colors and patterns from Africa are present all over her designs. The results are these incredible pieces that we can wear during evening or relax times.



Bandera Inglesa Founded by Arriz Golden who was born in Cape Verde islands. He combines the style and traditional customs of Africa with western style to create unique garments and concepts. His collections are sensuous, exciting, contemporary and overall very exotic.



Bandera Inglesa Established by Rhoda Ejiga, who was born in USA, although she is very related to Northern Nigeria. She worked for some months in Karen Millen London. Her dresses use vibrant colors and nice patterns. Her work mixes African traditional garments with Western garments, especially in bridal designs. Her elegant gowns are perfect for red carpets.



Bandera Inglesa Was founded by the designer Kwame Koranteng who was born in Ghana. He specialized in custom tailor men suits. Men are the most important part of his collections. He uses the classic Western man suit and includes textures and features from Ghana. His suits are a wonderful variation of the traditional style that expresses the inner personality of those who wear them.

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